Loi Krathong in Sukhothai 2013

 Photos from my trip to Sukhothai for Loi Krathong 2013
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Cerimony at Sukhothai Historical Park
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Vendors by the Pond

Ancient Sukhothai

Mobile Curry Buffet

Temple Gate
New Sukhothai
Full Moon November 16th

Ancient City

Amazing Sunset

Temple Lit for the Occasion

No.4 Guesthouse Sukhothai
Buddha Image
No.4 Guesthouse Sukhothai

Flowers in Sukhothai

Monks in Sukhothai

Lighting the Krathongs at Dusk

Incredible Red Sky

The Wat in Town

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Livvy said...

Hi, I know this blog post was from awhile a go but am trying to find No.4 Guesthouse online to stay when we are in Sukhothai. I cannot find it anywhere officially and was wondering how you booked this accommodation if it is still around!



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